Small Staff, Big Purchases, and Even Bigger Service

We`re a small local company that really cares about doing a great job. Whether it`s our friendly staff, excellent estimates, or cash in the hand today principle, we`re confident that our customers are pleased with their experience from the time they first make contact to when they actually make the sell. Our free vehicle removal is just another perk of coming to Cash For Cars San Marcos. We started small as just a few friends wanting to make a difference and help people sell their vehicles and we`re happy to say that after all these years the only thing that`s really changed is how many people we`re able to reach. We`ve certainly grown.

True Customer Appreciation

Convincing ourselves that it would be okay to let you pay for towing services just wouldn`t help us sleep at night. Whether you are selling your vehicle because you just don`t need it anymore or because you really could use the cash right now, there isn`t any reason that you should have to pay a private towing company the high costs of moving your vehicle. We`re optimistic that you`re going to like the estimate we give you, and because of that we have no problem sending out a tow truck to come and get your vehicle off your property.

Trust the Experts (That`s Us!)

Our customer base is continually growing and as it does our staff has been undeniably amazing at taking the time to get to serve every customer with the undivided attention it takes to make sure that we are giving you the most money for your vehicle. Our team back here at the shop is just the sort of group of dedicated individuals that make coming to work a continual adventure in learning how to better serve our community as well as each and every individual customer that comes through our door or contacts us. We take the time to reach out to those that may not be able to come to us because we know that sometimes in life, especially during a relocation, certain things are better off left to the experts to handle. We`re your experts in helping you get rid of the vehicle that no longer serves you. We can clear your mind of it today.

Free Vehicle Towing

The cost of owning a vehicle isn't anything close to affordable for a lot people that are just trying to break free from the shackles of debt. The good news is that you can sell your vehicle to us and move away from having to deal with that old clunker soaking up your savings. You don`t even need to spend any money on bringing the vehicle to us.

We have a whole crew of friendly locals that can come on over and get that vehicle off your hands for you. The towing is all on us, free of charge for you. We want to give you presence of mind to be able to relax and enjoy your day. The stress of having a vehicle that you don`t want is different than having a closet full of clothes that you no longer need. It`s not like you can exactly set the vehicle out to the curb and put a free sticker on it. Though you probably could curb alert it, don`t you think you should at least be compensated for your vehicle? We do.